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GD Assist currently involved in bringing a new dimension to healthcare services by way working as a Third Party Administrator-TPA. 

In this case GD Assist acting a role of Third Party Administrator-TPA between insurance Companies, corporates and local hospital.  In the case of insurance claims, a TPA handles the claims processing for an employer that self-insures its employees. TPA also manage insurance company’s claims processing that includes providing medical documents, time to time patient’s update and medical bill. Though patient can take cashless treatment, we provide GOP to the hospital on the behalf of the patient.

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Services Beyond Border

Our Offers to Insurance Company

  • Send GOP to the hospital
  • Provide patient’s all medical documents
  • Send patient’s bill
  • All claims details in translated into English
  • Provide all the medical documents time to time
  • Provide cashless access to the network
  • Verify eligibility and benefit limits for members.
  • One touch point/one dedicated contact person

Our Main Motive Is Your Well Being

Expectation from Insurance Company

  • Deposit $5000
  • Time to time refill the deposit based on the uses
  • Service charge should be clear within 7 days
  • One dedicated contact person